Whether your business is a one-man band or a large multinational, you’re probably continually looking for ways to reduce your costs and improve your bottom line. Ensuring that you and your team are as efficient as possible with your resources, from paper to water, is a great way to ensure that you’re not wasting money, and can also boost your green credentials. 

Here are some great ways to reduce different types of waste in your business:

Save paper

Many businesses are now striving to become ‘paperless’, but how can an office run without paper? While it might not be feasible for your business to stop using paper completely, cutting down on how much you use can help you make savings. Saving paper will also save water, as it takes 10 litres of water to produce just one sheet of A4 paper!

How can SES Business Water help?

  • Sign up for our e-billing service and reduce the amount of paper being sent to your office – all of your bills will be sent to you electronically and stored in a secure online location!

Save water

Water is a precious resource – while it may seem like we’re surrounded by it, parts of the UK have less water available per person than Syria, which is a desert state[i]! There are so many simple ways for your team to become more water savvy, from installing water saving devices like motion-sensing taps to making sure that the dishwasher is full before it’s turned on. Saving water doesn’t have to be expensive either, as many water-efficiency products and technologies are also covered by the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme for water, meaning you can write off any investment in them against your taxable profits.

How can SES Business Water help?

  • If you’re making an effort to become more water efficient, the precise data that smart meters provide can help you to measure how well you’re doing – talk to us today!

Save time

Have you ever thought about whether your staff are as productive as they can be? It’s estimated that workers spend up to 31 hours a month in unproductive meetings[ii]. You could also consider introducing a working from home policy if you don’t already have one, as 91% of remote workers believe that they get more work done when they’re working remotely. Reducing your workers’ commutes will also lower your greenhouse gas footprint, and save water (as producing just one litre of petrol can use anything from 13-27 litres of water!). 

How can SES Business Water help?

  • If you’re a multi-site business, ensuring that all of your bills are paid across all of your sites can be time-consuming – cut your admin time by opting for our consolidated billing solution, which means you’ll receive just one bill for your water and waste water across all of your sites!