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For the first time businesses in the UK can save money and improve efficiency by choosing SES Business Water as their water and waste supplier. Make your choice and switch your water supplier to take control now.

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SMART Metering

Our SMART meter reading system keeps you on top of your water consumption, enabling you to identify leakage and unexplained usage.

Consolidated Invoicing

Receive one consolidated e-invoice for all your meters on all of your sites instead of lots of different bills at different times from different providers.

Charges Health Check

We can undertake an audit to identify inefficiencies in your water supply, including leakage detection and bill analysis.

My Account

Your consumption and spend is at your fingertips 24/7 with our online water management information and bill viewer services.

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The opening of the non-domestic water market in April was the biggest change the water industry has seen since it was privatised in 1989.


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As a water supplier, we know just how precious water is as a natural resource. This infographic contains tips for improving water efficiency in the workplace.

Alexander Hotels

Case Study: Alexander Hotels & Utopia Spas

SES Business Water delivers annual 2% saving and £30k billing error rebate for UK hotel group.