Take control of your water supply. Choose a wholesale tracker plus.

Your local business water supplier isn't your only option anymore. Make an easy switch to SES Business Water for a transparent water contract that will save you time and costs.

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Switching your supplier is easy

When you’re overseeing a large team, you might think that you don’t have time to switch your water supplier – but with SES Business Water, it’s a quick and easy process. We’ll just need a few details from you, then we can handle the switching process from there.

Find out more about how to switch your supplier here.


Recommended services for large businesses 

Wholesale Tracker Plus

Take control of your business water costs by tracking wholesale market costs. Our Wholesale Tracker Plus tracks the annual wholesale rate, the lowest cost allowed by the Water Act, giving you access to the most competitive prices in the market.

Smart Meter

Reduce consumption and cost through our smart meter reading system, enabling you to identify leakage and unexplained water usage.

Charges Health Check

Let us audit your water data and we can check whether you have been charged the correct tariffs for your water and wastewater supply historically. We can also handle the refund process with your previous provider.

Consolidation of invoices

Receive one consolidated e-invoice for all your meters on all of your sites instead of lots of different bills at different times from different providers.

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