As businesses look to get to grips with utility costs or improve their sustainability credentials, smart meters are becoming a crucial tool to measure and manage consumption – there are currently over 800,000 smart meters in commercial sites across Britain. So far, the focus has largely been on gas and electricity smart meters, but did you know that smart meters are also available for your water supply?

As a water supplier, everyone at SES Business Water understands how precious water is as a natural resource. We also know that the first step to cutting costs is identifying opportunities to make reductions. That’s why we strive to support all of our customers to become more water efficient, and we have found that installing smart water meters can be really useful way to help customers that are looking to reduce their water consumption.

What is a smart water meter?

We install a type of meter called an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meter, which transmits data directly from your water meter to our system, so you no longer need to wait for periodic meter readings or send us manual readings and you get a far more granular view of consumption across your business’ sites.

How could smart meters help your business to use less water?

Access accurate data

  • Our smart meters record your consumption every 15 minutes, 24/7 to give you precise usage data, so you can accurately predict your costs.   

Understand your consumption

  • Your consumption data is uploaded to our central system; you can access it though the online customer portal. On the portal you can view your historical water usage at-a-glance, making it easy to understand how much water your business typically uses and make informed decisions going forward.  

Make changes

  • Once you know how much water your business is using you can start to make changes within the business to become more water efficient. Your data could help here – for example, if you’re a multi-site business and you notice that one site is using significantly more water than other sites then it may be worth investigating for leaks or implementing an efficiency plan at that site first.
  • Encourage staff to get involved and start saving water today – download our Water Warrior posters for your office here

Assess your success

  • Make sure that your water efficiency measures are effective by keeping a close eye on the data supplied by your smart meters. While ensuring taps are turned off when you leave the office won’t make a noticeable difference overnight, a tap dripping at just one drop per second wastes 4,750 litres a year you should see a drop in your water consumption levels (and costs!) in a fairly short time.

If you’re looking to reduce your business’s water consumption and you’d like to find out more about smart meters or other measures that could help you to save water, we’d be more than happy to help you. Give the experts at SES Business Water a call on 01737 785842 today.