From April, the non-domestic water market in England will see some of the biggest changes in decades as businesses can choose their water supplier. But in this evolving environment, what will stay the same?

Your water wholesaler

If you choose to switch your water supply, you will be billed by the new water retailer you have chosen. However, your water will still be physically supplied by your closest geographical wholesale company, and your wastewater will still be treated at the same plants. So don’t worry – your water supply won’t be interrupted during the switching process.

Your retailer

Competition in the retail business water market is all about choice – you can choose whether or not to make the switch, but if you don’t, your retailer will also remain the same. The benefits of the open water market will be available from day one: at SES Business Water, we’re making it simple for businesses to manage their water, from simple account management and straight forward solutions for small businesses to access to the lowest prices on the market with our Wholesale Tracker Plus for medium and large organisations.

Your water charges                                                                                                                        

Don’t expect your water bills to reduce dramatically as soon as the market opens – it’s likely that savings will not be significant initially until the five-year price control frameworks are replaced – the current one lasting until 2020. However, some savings are available and the new water market should offer competitive tariffs and new types of products and solutions to help your organisation take control of its water costs, from reducing consumption to accessing lower prices. The open water market will bring a whole swathe of benefits – from product innovation to value added services such as smart meters.

Our high standard of customer service

Whether you’re an existing SES Business Water customer, or you’re joining us once the water market opens, you’ll receive the same high level of customer service. If you have any questions about how the water market will affect your business, we’re here for you – get in touch today.