How can we help you?

1. We need to know from you if your Water Consumption has changed from pre-Covid levels. 

If you are using less water than a year ago, let us know by supplying three meter reads, each one at least a week apart to avoid estimated bills based on pre-Covid consumption levels.  Email your meter reads to  Without your reads, your bills will be estimated on levels potentially higher than your current consumption.  Please provide reads to make your consumption bills as accurate as possible.  Help us to help you.

2. Meter Readers continue to access and read external meters, where safe to do so.  However, they cannot access meters via properties or within building/working areas.  If the meter reader leaves a reply card, please fill it in and follow the instructions. 

3. Let us know if any of your locations are closed.  If you have vacated premises, hold no stock there and handed the premises back to a landlord, we may be able to reduce your charges.

4.  We remain open, here to help our customers. Whilst all of our team are working from home, please use email in preference to calling us.

Stay safe.