Last winter, the UK saw record levels of rainfall, with storms Desmond, Eva and Frank causing disruption in communities across the UK. Winter weather like this can lead to serious problems for businesses, leaving many with significant costs.

The final bill for repairs from winter 15/16 was over £1 billion, according to the Association of British Insurers. There were over 5,000 insurance claims made by businesses for property damaged by flooding after the storms, which demonstrates just how extensive the problem can be. The true number of businesses affected by the floods is likely to have been higher, as some would have been uninsured.

Smaller businesses are particularly vulnerable when extreme weather strikes. The average losses from a flood are £28,000, and with cash flow often being paramount within smaller businesses, flooding can threaten their survival. That’s why it’s important for all businesses – large or small – to ensure that they know how to protect against winter damage and get ready for whatever the weather has in store. Despite the worrying figures around winter damage, around 60% of UK businesses have no plans in place. This is particularly surprising considering that almost two thirds of small businesses have been adversely affected by snow and flooding within the last three years.

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