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Wholesale Tracker Plus

We can give you access to the most competitive prices on the market with no lock-in fee through our unique Wholesale Tracker Plus. You can track the annual wholesale rate – the lowest cost allowed by the Water Act – with a clear water management fee to reflect the services required, giving you total transparency and peace of mind.

We also offer a 28-day notice, penalty free cancellation period rather than a locked in contract, giving you extra confidence to access price savings from day one of the market opening.

For those businesses looking for total budget certainty, our fixed contracts lock in a total cost for your water and wastewater supply. The water market is regulated, meaning retail prices are updated on the 1 April each year. We’ll adjust your contract to reflect these changes, but your management fees and any other service charges will stay the same.


  • Access the most competitive prices in the market
  • No locked in contract
  • Complete peace of mind and budget certainty
  • Lock in a fixed price in one simple transaction 

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