Industry figures have been published by MOSL, the central water market operating service, confirming the number of businesses submitting switch requests ahead of the commercial water market opening up in England.

From April, the non-domestic water market in England will see some of the biggest changes in decades as businesses can choose their water supplier. But in this evolving environment, what will stay the same?

Deregulation will be the biggest shake-up in the water industry in decades - and at SES Business Water, we know what it’s like to work within a competitive market. That’s because we already operate in the Scottish market, which has been open for competition since 2008.

An open water market will provide more transparency for business customers and will bring new product innovation including market trackers.

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In a few weeks, you’ll have the freedom to choose the right water supplier for your business, giving you the chance to benefit from better customer service, competitive pricing, and consider new products and services to meet your needs.