The business water market is changing this April. Businesses of all sizes will be affected, so as the new open market approaches, having a better understanding of the large-scale changes that are about to take place could make a real difference to your business, your utilities budget, and the ease with which you manage your water account.

From April 1 st 2017, business customers will have the power to choose their water supplier. Whilst the water reaching you will be the same, the market operating behind it will be much different; with water retailers joining a competitive market, and businesses in the know getting more value from their water. Read more about the new open market here.

In much the same way as the energy market, this will mean you get to choose who you deal with for your water and wastewater services. Most importantly, it will allow you to consolidate all services with one supplier; easing your administrative burden and giving you better control over your water account.

SES Business Water customers

Until now, our business customers have received one bill for both their water and waste water services. Your wastewater services have been physically supplied by Thames Water, with us billing customers on their behalf. Customers have effectively benefitted from the convenience of one bill to pay and one point of contact for advice or assistance.

Very soon, you’ll notice a change. Thames Water have decided that they do not wish to become a retailer in April and have sold their non-household customer base. Your wastewater account has been bought by Castle Water, who have also bought the non-domestic customers of Portsmouth Water. This will mean that you will start to receive two bills: one from us for your water services and one from Thames/Castle Water. Find out more with our FAQs

Keep it simple: Keep one bill

If you’d prefer to keep your wastewater with SES Business Water, we can help you make the change this April.

The new open water market will bring many short and long term positives for businesses, including lower prices and added value packages. One of the primary benefits will be the option to keep all of your water services in one place, and also to consolidate bills for sites in multiple regions if you wish to.

Here at SES Business Water, we’re looking forward to being able to provide our customers with hassle-free, flexible services and one bill for all water services. We hope you’ll decide to move your wastewater back to us when April comes, and are pleased to be able to offer you a thank you for your loyalty.

If you’d like to talk to us about getting your business ready for winter, please get in touch.