Industry figures have been published by MOSL, the central water market operating service, confirming the number of businesses submitting switch requests ahead of the commercial water market opening up in England.

Ahead of the official launch date (Monday 3 April), rapidly expanding SES Business Water has secured around 24% of all pre-switch requests from businesses across the country, from large businesses looking to consolidate their portfolio under one national retailer to small local businesses wishing to avoid separate water and wastewater retailers.

SES Business Water has pioneered the development of wholesale tracking products, giving organisations access to wholesale market prices along with a single clear service fee. This provides transparency and peace of mind to organisations looking for confidence that they have secured the lowest prices in the market. The Wholesale Tracker PlusTM product can also offer businesses a viable alternative to self-supply, avoiding the admin-intensive processes and working capital required to acquire a licence.

SES Business Water managing director Giuseppe Di Vita said: “Organisations are actively seeking out different products and solutions and engaging with retailers to discuss what their options are in an open market.

“Businesses requesting to switch before the commercial water market opens is a good indication that many will seize the opportunities that it presents. The more we can engage businesses in the benefits of the open market, the more we can help them to manage their overheads by taking control of water costs.”